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We offer seasonal menus that allow us to have genuine and km zero ingredients.

 The starters give warmth to the reception and tell a story made of genuineness, handouts full of preserves, recipes handed down from generation to generation. The pasta is strictly handmade: bigoli, fettuccine, pumpkin tortelli and capunsei anticipate second courses prepared and cooked according to tradition and in a healthy way.

Every great meeting, including those around a table, can not fail to include a moment of intense sweetness. Here at the restaurant "Quattro Gatti" the desserts are strictly homemade. An absolute cuddle.



Mixed cold cuts ............ € 11,00 / € 16,00*

mixed cold cuts, lard with polenta, salad of nerves and vegetables.
* for two people

Mixed wild cold cuts ............ € 12,00 / € 17,00*

wild boar ham, deer salami, duck pate with toast bread and vegetalbes.
* for two people

Smoked horse stripes ............ € 10,00

Smoked horse stripes with oil and lemon


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